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WIP it, WIP it real good!*

February 8, 2010

It’s been a while since I’ve been consistently knitting.  The past few weeks I’ve managed to knit more days than not.  The following illustrate what’s on the needles (and I’m seriously contemplating frogging most of what’s been on needles for longer than a few months).

Dad's Socks

These are socks that I’ve been promising my dad for ages.  I had a different pattern on the needles partially complete (some sort of split rib) that I frogged.  I immediately started this pattern after frogging the previous.  Because of that, and the curliness of the frogged yarn, the pattern on the first part of the leg isn’t as clear and defined as I’d like.  It also doesn’t feel that soft.  I’m hoping that will work out when I wash them when I’m done.  Overall it’s a simple yet clever pattern that I will probably used again in some form.

Next up?
Grey Scarf

The Gray Scarf.  Descriptive and catchy name, no?  This is worked in a bulky superwash and I created a pattern that uses purl stitches to create horizontal “ribbing” width-wise on the scarf.  The ribs are split by 3 stitches at semi-random intervals.  I didn’t trust myself to do a good job on the fly, so I sketched out a chart to keep my breaks evenly spaced and not stacked directly on one another.  This is a wonderfully squooshy yarn and I may have to find more someday.

Lastly is a project that is snoozing until the scarf and socks are done:

It’s a Christmas stocking I started right before Christmas (like a week before).  I was told Christmas 2009 delivery was not required.  Still, I’d like to finish this and start another (for a future sibling of the recipient) before Christmas 2010 is upon us. Oh, and it’s the Cascade Christmas Stocking pattern.

The socks are the first to be worked on from my Personal Sock Club (copyright Yarn Harlot) and if I continue at my current pace, they will be done well before the month is over.  They weren’t really a random selection since my dad has been waiting for another pair of socks for forever.  Next month it’s gonna be close my eyes and grab a bag.

* (-10 points for bad Devo pun)

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