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Balance, Peace & Harmony

April 21, 2009

Three things that are not easy to attain in this hectic modern world.  There are times when I fantasize about chucking nearly all our belongs (except for my beloved fiber and painting supplies) and move somewhere where we can disconnect from a lot of modern technology and get back to the basics of making our own clothes, growing our own food and providing our own entertainment instead of relying on some glowing screen to do it for us.

Real life takes precedence though, and between Tae Kwon Do, skating lessons, swim lessons, guitar lessons, school, etc., things sometimes get out of balance.  I’ve been dying to get back to knitting and spinning and getting my Etsy shop set up again.  Yesterday, I took a few steps in the right direction.  I drove out to Fine Line and picked up some super soft Australian top roving to dye and spin (16 ounces!).  Then I ordered some Shimmer lace weight from Knit Picks so I could finally start and finish a lace shawl for my mother.  I will be knitting the Swallowtail shawl (Ravelry link).

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